If you would like to contact our Troop for more information or questions about us, then please fill out and submit the following form.

Scoutmaster (Brian White)                                    scoutmaster@brookfieldtroop5.org
Assistant Scoutmasters (Debbie Morehouse,    asstscoutmaster@brookfieldtroop5.org
Marianne Daly, Jeff LeJava)            
Committee Chairman (Dave Morehouse)          committeechairman@brookfieldtroop5.org
Advancement (Jay Mosteller)                               advancement@brookfieldtroop5.org
Camping Coordinator (Debbie Morehouse)     camping@brookfieldtroop5.org
Charter Org Rep (Don Winkley)                           charterorgrep@brookfieldtroop5.org
Secretary (Mr. Witkowski)                                     secretary@brookfieldtroop5.org
High Adventure Coordinator (Brian White)       highadventure@brookfieldtroop5.org
Fundraising Coordinator ()                                   fundraising@brookfieldtroop5.org
Treasurer (Rob Janofsky)                                       treasurer@brookfieldtroop5.org
Webmasters (Logan W, Ben B.)                           webmaster@brookfieldtroop5.org
Senior Patrol Leader (Matt D.L.)                          spl@brookfieldtroop5.org
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (Ben B.)             aspl@brookfieldtroop5.org      

Troop Meeting Location:
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
174 Whisconier Road (CT Route 25) 
Brookfield, Connecticut 06804