All troop meetings take place at St. Paul’s Church in Brookfield, CT on Tuesdays from 7:15 P.M. — 8:45 P.M.

Opening and Closing: All meetings contain an opening and a closing. During the opening, we say the pledge of allegiance and the Scout Oath, and do uniform inspection. During the closing, we all say the Scout Law and three scouts are selected to share an interesting fact, current event, and joke.

Patrol Meetings and Rank Advancement: On alternate troop meeting nights, we have either Patrol meetings or rank advancements. During the rank advancement time, the younger scouts work with older scouts to get requirements signed off for their rank so that they can advance in the ranks. During patrol meeting time, the patrol leader and assistant patrol leader update their patrol with the latest information. Patrol meetings allow the patrol to check up and get in order. For example, if there is a campout coming up, the patrol leader may collect money for the upcoming campout during the patrol meeting.

Game/Activity: At the end of every meeting, we always have a fun game for all of the scouts to participate in. Guest speakers come in once a month to inform us about a special topic or skill.

Troop Meetings