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​​Scout Leadership:

    Senior Patrol Leader - Peter S.
    Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders - Robert L and Will C.

    Instructor: Ewan L.

    Troop Guides - Luke V, Nathaniel B, and Jacob Mosteller.
    Patrol Leaders - Taylor C, Nicolas S, Nathan K, Alex L, Timothy K, Nicholas D.

    Assistant Patrol Leaders - Sean W, Tyler P, Evan D, Andrew E, Jack M, Alex A.
    Webmaster - Ewan L.
    Quartermaster - Gabriel D.
    Chaplain's Aide - Alex A.
    Scribe - Sean W.
    Historian - Jack M.
    Librarian - Andrew E.

    Outdoor Ethics Guide - Tyler P
    Den Chiefs - Taylor C, Nathan K, Nicholas S.

Adult Leadership:

   Scoutmaster - Brian White
   Assistant Scoutmasters - Jeff LeJava, Debbie Morehouse, Eileen Koch
   Committee Chair - Marianne Daly
   Advancement Coordinator - Jay Mosteller
   Camping Coordinator -  

   High Adventure Coordinator - Jeff LeJava
   Equipment Coordinator - Stuart Klapprott
   Fundraising Coordinator - 
   Treasurer - Rob Janofsky
   Secretary - Steve Witkowski
   Charter Organization Representative - Don Winkley